Polis Patrol Expert™ Digital Training System

Turn Your Agency’s Video Footage into Custom Training

  • - Low-cost, high-repetition training designed to improve critical decision-making skills.
  • - Integrates the latest research on decision-making and human performance with state-of-the training management and delivery.
  • - 100% Web-based: works on any Internet-equipped device. NO additional hardware required.
  • - Custom-build your own scenarios using video footage from body-worn cameras, the Internet, or any other source.
  • - User-friendly scenario editor requires no specialized technical skill.
  • - Library of existing scenarios.
  • - Enhanced version of the Patrol Expert system already in use for the BJA VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Initiative.
  • - Flexible options for custom scenario and curriculum development assistance.
  • - Custom computer animation scenarios available.
  • - Manage your agency’s training data: policy updates, standards compliance, and more.
  • - Secure, law-enforcement restricted, cloud storage site.
  • - Coming Soon: Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and machine-learning capabilities. 

Want to learn more? Contact us at PatrolExpert@polis-solutions.com • www.polis-solutions.com


Polis Solutions

Polis Solutions, Inc. was founded in by the creators of a $40M Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) effort to develop innovative methods and technologies for training social interaction and trust-building skills. We are a training, consulting and research firm that specializes in creating evidence-based programs that build public trust and safer communities. Polis Solutions’ work focuses on helping police departments and other organizations develop customized programs to manage the social dynamics that shape human performance and trust in critical situations. Our team combines world-class expertise in policing, social science research, adult education, military special operations, and technology development to create effective training and actionable analysis for our clients. Polis' T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust training system is the official officer safety curriculum of the VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Initiative.


What is Polis Patrol Expert™?

Polis Patrol Expert (PPE™) is a web-based digital training system that gives law enforcement agencies of any size a simple, affordable way to create, deliver, and evaluate training scenarios using video footage from body-worn cameras or any other source.

How does PPE work?

PPE software lets law enforcement agencies upload video files to our secure site, and then use simple editing tools to quickly turn the videos into web-based training scenarios. The system also contains a library of existing scenarios. Once your training is built, your agency’s personnel can access it anytime, anywhere, and you can track and measure their performance.


Why should I buy PPE?

Polis Patrol Expert is the first system to enable law enforcement agencies to quickly and affordably turn video footage into evidence-based, on-line training. No other system has our powerful combination of research-based training methods, user-friendly content customization, and powerful training management

How much does PPE cost?

Annual subscription costs are based on the number of users and level of service. Please ask us for a quote.


Train On Any Device

Polis Patrol Expert™ can be used as a stand-alone training tool, and as a supplement to T3™ classroom courses.  Polis Patrol Expert™ works on any computer, tablet, phone, or other web-enabled devices.  The system allows trainees to review and reinforce their training anytime, anywhere, on any device. Polis Patrol Expert™ also provides valuable performance data that departments can use to track, monitor, and assess officers' learning and progress.

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